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How to get the Cheapest Disneyland Paris Tickets

How to get the Cheapest Disneyland Paris Tickets

There are thousands of searches online every month for the term Disneyland Paris Tickets!

And, as you can imagine they all have one underlying question behind them.

How do I find the cheapest Disneyland Paris tickets?

I mean, nobody wants to pay over the odds for something they could have got cheaper, do they?

So, therefore…

Today I’m going to show you how you can find the best priced Disneyland Paris tickets so that you have no regrets over the price you paid.

Let’s dive right in…


I mean, nobody wants to pay over the odds for something they could have got cheaper, do they?

This guide is separated out into two sections.

One for people looking to just purchase Disneyland Paris tickets and a second for people looking for how to get the best deal for Disneyland Paris tickets with a hotel on site.

Step #1: When to buy “To Save over £30 per person”
Step #2: Changing the date you visit can save you £40
Step #3: How to find the cheapest ticket
Step #4: Why buying direct isn’t always BETTER
Step #5: Ask for a discount

Bonus Step #1: Secret Tip to get even cheaper tickets

Step #1 When to buy “To Save over £30 per person”

If you are anything like me when I go on holiday I wait until I am in the destination to buy tickets for attractions and events I want to do.

But, this can mean you end up paying over the odds if you were just a little bit more organised.

And this is completely true for visiting Disneyland Paris.

Currently, the price of a 1 Day / 2 Park ticket is £87 per person on the gate.

Compare that to purchasing the same ticket online in advance at £61 and you can save a WHOPPING £26.00 for the exact same ticket.

That soon adds up if you are visiting a family.

So even if you can afford it, wouldn’t you much prefer to be a smarter traveller.

And use the money you saved to enjoy a nice meal or buy a present for a loved one?

Not only that!!!

The queues at Disneyland Paris for tickets can be horrendous and I hate waiting in line.

So by buying tickets in advance, you also save a ton of time in the queue.

You will feel very smug walking passed everyone queueing to pay over the odds for their tickets.

All it takes is following my guide to find the cheapest tickets and a little bit of research online.

Step #2: How to save up to £23 per person on your Disneyland Paris visit.

Something that you might or might not already be aware of is that Disneyland Paris has a pricing calendar split out into three seasons: Mini, Magic and SuperMagic

This means that the day you wish to visit can have an impact on the total price you pay for your ticket.

Let me explain, as it might be a bit confusing at first.

MINI TICKET (LOW SEASON): MINI Tickets offer the best value for money and cheapest tickets, but they can only be used on MINI Season dates listed. These tickets cannot be used at any other time and the majority of dates are weekdays. The dtaes you can use this ticket are illustrated below in green.

MAGIC TICKET (HIGH SEASON): The Magic Ticket is valid for all of the MINI Season dates listed below as well as more popular MAGIC DATES. The Magic Season ticket normally includes weekends and some school holiday dates. The dates you can use this ticket are illustrated below in green and blue.

SUPER MAGIC (PEAK SEASON): The most flexible Disneyland® Paris Ticket is the Super Magic because it means you an visit Disneyland Paris on any day of the year including the most popular dates such as Halloween, October Half Term, Summer holidays and Christmas.The dates you can use this ticket are illustrated below in green, blue and pink.

For example, by changing your visit date from one in the colour pink to one in green you can save up to £23.00 per adult buying directly from Disneyland Paris.

Now, everyone’s circumstances are different and you might not be able to be flexible with your dates but if you want to make your visit to Disneyland Paris as cheap as possible then simply tweaking the day in which you visit can have a big impact on the total cost of your holiday.

It is a little bit confusing but if you still have some questions, let me know in the comments below.

Imagine with just this little bit of information as a family of 2 adults and 2 children you could save yourself £88.00.

Not bad.

But you can, in fact, save more than that if you don’t buy direct through the Disneyland Paris website.

Which leads us to…

Step #3: How to find the cheapest Disneyland Paris ticket

Looking to save some money on your Disneyland Paris tickets?

Across Europe, a lot of companies choose to sell tickets at a similar rate to buying direct.

Fortunately, companies in the UK offer a competitive price for consumers allowing you to save money.

But you could be thinking god, what a drag to try find the cheapest tickets, is it really worth the hassle.

Well, now it is a lot easier than you may think.

So what’s the secret to finding cheap Disneyland Paris tickets.

Do you promise not to tell anyone?


OK. Here it is.

To find the cheapest Disney tickets you have to do a little bit of shopping around, or as I like to call it, research.

But, I am going to make it easy for you.
Here’s how…

These are the companies which offer the best priced Disneyland Paris tickets, guaranteed.

What I suggest you do is click on every link and each one will open in a different tab.

1 = 365Tickets
2 = AttractionTix
3 = Attraction Tickets Direct
4 = Isango
5 = Travel Republic
6 = Picniq

Choose the type of ticket and number of days you want to visit for.

Select the date when you want to go to Disneyland Paris.

Select the number of adult and child tickets you wish to buy.

Compare the total price offered from each of the websites.

It is literally as simple as that!

I assure you, all of the websites above will offer you a guaranteed saving on buying directly from the Disneyland Paris website and an even bigger saving compared to buying at the gate.

The reason I suggest clicking on all of the links is because tickets are cheaper at different websites at different times and it is not always the same company which is cheapest.

It depends on the season and current promotions so I recommend checking all the websites for the best deal.

If you have any concerns, do not worry, these websites are all absolutely official and they have been working closely with Disneyland Paris for a number of years.

NOTE 1: Even though the websites provided are UK-based websites, anyone can buy tickets from them with absolutely no problem. Disneyland Paris tickets can be bought regardless of the country you are currently in, you do not have to be in/from the United Kingdom to use the tickets you purchase.

NOTE 2: When you purchase from one of the websites above you will still receive an official Disneyland Paris ticket. Some peoples concerns with not buying direct are because you get treated differently or have to exchange your ticket. That is not the case here when you purchase a ticket via one of their official resellers you will receive an official Disneyland Paris ticket.

Please note: As tickets are processed into the Disneyland Paris booking system your tickets and confirmation may take a little longer than you would normally expect so I would recommend please ensure you book far enough in advance so that you are not rushing around at the last minute.

Free Gifts:

As you browse the variety of websites I have supplied you with finding the best price you will notice a few companies offer consumers some added value perks for buying with.


Because it helps them STAND OUT.

For example:

The majority of websites offer a discount coupon off Earl of Sandwich and Planet Hollywood, normally about 15% off each.

These two restaurants are located outside the two parks in the Disney village so be mindful if you are in the park it is a king distance to exit the park to find somewhere to eat and way up the value of the discount against your fun in the park!

Please Note: There is also a minimum spend, for example at Picniq when you dig into the offer there is a £50 minimum spend just to claim the offer which in my opinion is a little misleading to clients as it is not clearly stated until you click into the terms and conditions and I don’t want you to get caught out as I am sure many others have been by this.


Note: Every Disneyland Paris ticket includes ‘FastPass’.

You should note that this is not the classical option where you go whenever you want and just enter without standing in the huge line. The companies are promoting this as an added extra but in fact, every customer entering Disneyland Paris has access to this FastPass.

The Fastpass is a way of reserving certain times when you want to go to certain rides. After reserving your time slot, you will just go to the entrance of your ride at your fixed hour and enter all be it with a shorter time to wait.

Here is a video explaining how to use your Fastpass.

Step #4: Why buying direct isn’t always BETTER

In a lot of cases, you can benefit from buying direct.

You might get free cancellation or protection if the weather is poor if you’re visiting an observation deck and it turns out to be cloudy at the top.


As I have pointed out above, in this case, you can save a large sum of money by not buying direct and purchasing your tickets through a reseller.

In fact, as you get official Disneyland Paris tickets anyway there is no difference with what you receive once your booking is complete.

Here is an image of the ticket to expect when you book from Disneyland Paris or any of the resellers.

And as if that wasn’t enough…

There is one more reason why you should potentially book with a reseller and not direct.

Which leads us onto.

Step #5: Ask for a discount

Now, why not?

When you are on holiday somewhere exotic it is great fun bartering with the locals at the market but people feel bad to ask it seems online.

So next time or if you are buying Disneyland Paris tickets try to ask for a discount?

Here is how to ask for a discount.

Step 1 – Use the list of companies provided above and find the company two or three companies you are happy to buy with.

Step 2 – Jump onto their online chat service and ask something similar to this filling in the details of your booking.

“Hi, I am looking to buy a Disneyland Paris 1 Day / 2 Park ticket for 2 adults and 3 children visiting on the 24th July.

Can you offer any further discount from my total booking price of £358.20?”

If they reply and say no, you play your imaginary trump card.

Pick one of the competitors websites and tell them that one of their competitors has offered you a better price but you prefer their website and company and would much rather book directly with them.

If they ask what price they offered y, simply take 5% off your total if you booked with them.

And, reply this!

“That is a shame Name of Competitor offered me the same tickets for £340.29. Are you able to match this and provide me with a discount code? No problem if you can not I understand”

Having an exact figure in mind make this look genuine and in most cases, they will prefer to have your business than give up your sale to a competitor.

To be clear:

This is not something I know will work 100% of the time.

But there is no harm in trying if an added discount is what you are looking for.

What is the worst that can happen each of the websites say no and you just purchase the company offering the cheapest tickets at that time.

You have nothing to lose!

But I am convinced that some of you will benefit from this secret tactic.

Just don’t share this as we don’t want the companies catching onto this tactic…


My one bit of advice with this is that it is probably best over the chat functionality otherwise you can be waiting hours for a reply via email.

Let me know in the comments if you are successful or not.

I would love to hear from you with what worked or didn’t work.

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