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Quick guide to Heide Park Germany

Quick guide to Heide Park Germany

Heide Park is a large amusement park in the north of Germany between Hamburg and Hanover, in the commune of Soltau.

Visitors of all ages are spoilt for choice with about forty different attractions.

Heide Park can boast some rare rides in Germany, Europe, and the world.

The attractions are decorated in perfect harmony with their thematic areas which creates a magical atmosphere for children and adults.

The attractions are spread across 4 different areas on 85 ha: Bucht der Totenkopfpiraten (Pirate District), Land der Vergessenen (Forgotten Worlds), Wild Wild West (Far West area), Transsilvanien (thematic area dedicated to Transylvania) tincidunt varius.

Heide-Park Prices

Practical information

Heide Park opens at the end of March and until November, starting at 10 a.m. each day.

It closes at 17 or 6pm, and at 10pm for the Halloween celebrations.

It is highly frequented in the months of July and August.

Even if the queues are deemed reasonable, it is advisable as in many parks to avoid weekends.

Hotels and restaurants

Heide Park has a beautiful hotel of 150 rooms and 15 suites, the Port Royal.

The holiday village is made up of 80 small wooden houses, all comfort, accommodating 2 to 4 persons. All inclusive stays are available throughout the season.

Visitors find about fifteen restaurants scattered throughout the park. Many of them sell German and Bavarian specialties.

There are also two beer gardens in the Panorama restaurant and on the hill overlooking Heide Park.

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