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Kids Activities – Paint with Animal footprints

Kids Activities – Paint with Animal footprints

Oh pretty animal footprints in all types of colours!

If you want something different to keep the young ones busy why not let them dip their animal figurines in the paint and place the feet onto a piece of paper leaving a trail of animal footprints.

They will have a  lot of fun.

You could have seen this several times on Pinterest.

It is sometimes done in the playdough, which can also be a lot of fun!

However, with the painting, it can keep the little one amused for a long time.


Dip animal figurines into paint and then make them walk on paper.

For the painting, use small animals and a variety of colours.

The results are so beautiful, so detailed and so realistic that they provide an endless source of inspiration for all kinds of games and activities.

So let your child dip the feet of the animals on in the paint before making them walk on white pieces of paper.

Watch on as they enjoy seeing the different colourful traces left by the figurines across the paper.

We’ve been using the Ikea fluorescent paint because the colours are superb and the tubes very easy to handle for small hands.

The activity does not last the longest, but it really is enjoyable for small children.

Of course, the animals then took a bath with the help of an old toothbrush to clean their paws.