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The 9 BEST Attractions in the World

The 9 BEST Attractions in the World

The 9 BEST Attractions in the World

If you are fond of thrills, this article is for you!

Steep slopes, loops, speed and height, the amusement parks regularly beat records.

Find out what are the 9 scariest attractions are in the world below.


Lightning Rod – Dollywood – United States

Located in Tennessee, the Dollywood amusement park has the fastest wooden roller coaster.

With a peak speed of 117 kilometres per hour and a height of 60 meters, Lightning Rod will give you shivers.

Superman Ride of Steel – Six flags New England – USA

You will only have a few seconds to hang, as the train makes a turn at 180 degrees shortly after departure.

Enough to put you in the mood quickly!

After climbing to 63 meters in height, the train rushes into the vacuum to reach a speed of 117 kilometres per hour before making a tight turn.

Kingda Ka – Six flags Great Adventure – United States

These are the highest Russian fixtures in the world! Perched at 139 meters in height, you will not really have time to enjoy the scenery.

Kingda Ka has also long held the fastest roller coaster world record with spikes at 160 kilometres per hour.

El Toro – Six flags Great Adventure – United States

El Toro is the wooden roller coaster that has the steepest slope in the world with 76 degrees of inclination.

It is also the third tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, and the first to use a traction cable in the climb.

Flying Aces – Ferrari World – United Arab Emirates

Be sure to get your adrenaline shot with this attraction which has the fastest and steepest lift in the world with 51 degrees.

Flying Aces also has the highest spin loop ever built, i.e. at 52 meters in height.

Formula Rossa – Ferrari World – United Arab Emirates

It is this roller coaster course that beats the world speed record with a peak at 240 kilometres per hour.

The launch ramp has a power of 20 800 horsepower and operates through a hydraulic propulsion system.

It is necessary to wear protective goggles!

Steel Dragon 2000 – Nagashima Spa Land – Japan

If you ever want more, this is where you have to go.

Steel Dragon 2000 is indeed the longest roller coaster course in the world, but also the highest in Asia and the third fastest.

Another good reason to go to Japan!

Takabisha-Fuji-Q Highland – Japan

Here’s another reason to go to Japan. Fuji-Q-Highland has the attraction with the steepest coaster in the world.

The angle of fall is 121 degrees! Make sure your belt is properly fastened!

T Express – Everland – South Korea

Take the opportunity to make a detour through South Korea to climb the world’s most inclined wooden roller coaster!

With a slope of 77 degrees, it is also the fastest roller coaster in Asia.

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